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12 Dead After Boat Carrying Rohingya Refugees Capsizes, Children Alone In Refugee Camps

At least 12 people are dead after a boat carrying up to 100 Rohingya refugees capsized in Bangladesh.

Officials say the boat capsized at the mouth of a river just off the country’s coast.

The bodies of ten children, one man, and an elderly woman have been recovered from the boat.

13 people have reportedly been rescued from a nearby estuary, but scores remain missing.

Hundreds have died in waters off Bangladesh since the ethnic group first began fleeing Myanmar.

Rescue operations are ongoing.

Meanwhile, many children in Bangladesh are suffering from trauma alone as they search for family members who are missing or dead.

According to reports, there are thousands of unaccompanied Rohingya minors orphaned or separated from their families.

UNICEF counted 1,400 children in early September, and numbers continue to increase.

Officials say over half of the 800,000 refugees flooding out of Myanmar are under 18, and many are making the journey alone.

Advocates say refugees are helping take care of each other, but now international organizations must step in as well.