Chrissy Teigen Calls For Goya Boycott Over President Trump

Chrissy Teigen Calls For Goya Boycott Over President Trump

By Hector Rodriguez

Social media influencer Chrissy Teigen is pushing for a boycott of Goya Foods over the CEO’s praise of President Donald trump.

This past week, Goya CEO Robert Unane spoke at an event at the Rose Garden where he spoke fondly of the POTUS.

“Mr. President, what can I tell you?” he said.

“I’m so blessed to be here in the most prosperous country in the world, the greatest country in the world. And we’re so blessed to have you as our leader, as we continue to build this country and make it the most prosperous nation in the world.”

As a result, celebrities began calling for a boycott of Goya products.

“Don’t care how good the beans taste though,” she tweeted. “Bye bye.”

Thus far, Teigen has not explained how specifically she will help all the individuals who would loss their jobs and livelihoods as a result of this boycott.

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