Hong Kong Ordered To Delete Media, Books That ‘Threaten’ China

Hong Kong Ordered To Delete Media, Books That ‘Threaten’ China

By Hector Rodriguez

The Global Times reported this week that Hong Kong is being forced to suppress movies, TV show, books, technology and various online posts that violate rules instituted by China.

It goes without saying that Global Times is a state-run operation in China, so everything they say should be viewed through those lenses.

The Global Times reported that Hong Kong secretary for security John Lee Ka-Chiu made several announcements regarding the new law on Thursday.

“He noted that representatives of any organization operating in Hong Kong or foreign organizations should provide materials for police, so they can prepare for prevention if anything happens,” the Global Times reported.

“Furthermore, police must be given information to assess their risks to national security.”

Censorship is becoming a real problem in Hong Kong.

“The damage has already been done in terms of self-censorship,” a pseudonymous co-founder of China watchdog site GreatFire.org said this past week.

“Beijing’s actions in Hong Kong have successfully created a climate of fear. You don’t need a billion-dollar censorship apparatus when nothing is being said.”

The rest of the world has taken note of what is happening in Hong Kong, but to date nobody has actually done anything about it yet.

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