Maxine Waters Happy With SCOTUS Decision On Trump’s Finances

By Theresa Goldman

Senator Maxine Waters appeared on MSNBC on Thursday and expressed her pleasure with the Supreme Court. More specifically, she cited the SCOTUS offering lawmakers a “road map” on how to get President Donald Trump’s financial records now.

“You’re absolutely correct in describing what happened at the Supreme Court,” she said.

“A little bit of background, as the chair of the Financial Services Committee, we learned an awful lot about this president, his relationship to Deutsche Bank. Deutsche Bank had a reputation for money laundering.

“Deutsche Bank was the only bank in the world that would lend money to President Trump. All of the other banks had decided that they would not indulge with him, that he has shown to be dishonorable, that he did not pay his bills. That his information was oftentimes false information that he has given about his assets, et cetera, et cetera.”

It will be interesting to see if House Democrats will ultimately be as successful at tracking down the specifics of President Trump’s finances as Rep. Waters believes they will be.

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Theresa Goldman is a USC graduate whose studies focused on World Affairs, International Relations and Global Economics. She is a registered independent who constantly grapples with the fact that her voting in the Presidential elections is irrelevant because her state of California will never give its electoral votes to a Republican.