Pres. Trump Planning 13 State Tour to Promote Tax Reform, GOP Group Releases TV Ads

President Trump is planning a 13 state tour to promote his tax reform plan.

The tour will include several states he won in 2016 as well as locations where Democrat senators are up for re-election in an attempt to seek bi-partisan support for the plan.

The president most recently touted his support of overhauling the tax code in North Dakota,. and Missouri.

The tour is scheduled to take place over the next seven weeks.

Meanwhile, a GOP group launches a $2.5 million ad campaign on tax reform.

The American Action Network launched the ads in 23 congressional districts on Tuesday.

The ads depict a working class family in Wisconsin who says the current U.S. tax code hurts small business owners.

This coincides with President Trump’s efforts to provide the — quote — “biggest tax cut in history.”

The White House is working to roll-out a detailed tax plan.