Seattle Moves Ahead With Defunding Police By 50 Percent

Seattle Moves Ahead with Defunding Police By 50 Percent

By Hector Rodriguez

Seattle is moving ahead with its planned goal of defunding the police by 50 percent.

This week, a veto-proof majority of the city council supported a proposal that would extricate 911 dispatchers from police control and encouraged people to “imagine life beyond policing.”

Seven of nine members of the city council backed a plan to remove 911 dispatches from police control, scale up community-based solutions to public safety, fund community-led processes to move past policing and invest in affordable housing.

Mayor Jenny Durkan has yet to comment on the proposal to reduce police funding by 50 percent.

Six members of the council need to vote in unison to overrule a mayoral veto.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has repeatedly said he is against defunding the police, but in favor of police reform. To date, he has not commented on Seattle’s plans nor offered any guidance on how the city council should proceed.

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