Our staff of writers and editors has written for some of the best media outlets in America. Every piece of content posted is original, thoroughly fact-checked and makes use of the organization’s many sources across political landscape.

Hector Rodriguez – Editor

Hector Rodriguez is a 15-year veteran in the news business and has worked for ABC, CNN and NBC in various capacities. Over the years his work has been published in the New York Times, New Yorker, Washington Post and LA Times. His primary areas of focus are Business, Technology, Media and Economics.

Lisa Michaels – Editor

Lisa Michaels worked in Washington, D.C. as a lobbyist for 8 years and as a result grew very familiar with how the world operates. Her childhood naivety about politics was stripped away piece by piece with every passing year as she gained a deeper understanding of why nothing ever gets accomplished by our elected leaders. Her primary areas of focus are media bias, corruption and regulations. Oh, and lobbying – obviously.

Theresa Goldman – Staff Writer

Theresa Goldman is a USC graduate whose studies focused on World Affairs, International Relations and Global Economics. She is a registered independent who constantly grapples with the fact that her voting in the Presidential elections is irrelevant because her state of California will never give its electoral votes to a Republican.

Thomas Smith – Contributor

Thomas Smith is currently finishing up his B.S. in Economics at UCLA. He primarily focuses on the areas of Technology, Science, Economics and Entertainment. After attaining his degree, he plans to go to law school at Harvard University.